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Oxygen Concentrator Analyzer

OxyData - C

OxyData Applications:

OxyData can be used as an Oxygen Concentrator Tester / Analyser For monitoring Oxygen Concentrator performance in terms of Oxygen concentrator output parameters such as Oxygen Purity, Flow Rate, Pressure & Temperature.


OxyData - C (Advance) measures 4 parameters - O2 Purity, Flow, Pressure, & Temperature

Who can use OxyData - C?

OxyData for Oxygen Concentrator monitoring can be used by:
– Oxygen Concentrator developers, manufacturers, installers, service providers/repairers 
– Hospitals and Patients using oxygen concentrators.

Why OxyData?

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that concentrates oxygen from the air by removing nitrogen to supply oxygen-enriched gas to the patients.
Oxygen Concentrator therapy is critical for the patient taking oxygen, as the purity has to be above 90 % and flow as per the doctor prescribed rate from 1 LPM to 10 LPM, also the pressure of the oxygen coming out from the concentrator should be within the prescribed range and so is the temperature of the oxygen at the concentrator outlet. 

When is OxyData - C used?

Monitoring all these oxygen concentrator output parameters is vital during installation, regular preventive maintenance, and during service or replacement of parts of the oxygen concentrator.

How to use OxyData for Oxygen Concentrator testing?

OxyData series has two different Handheld (pocket size) models to monitor Oxygen Concentrator output parameters:
OxyData-C: can measure all four parameters – Oxygen Purity, Flow Rate, Pressure & Temperature.

All OxyData devices are using Electronic Sensors for oxygen Purity (compared to other oxygen analyzers using electrochemical sensors which require frequent re-calibration and regular replacement) as well as for Flow, Pressure, and temperature. These sensors have a typical life of more than 5 years.

All OxyData devices are Bluetooth enabled, so you can monitor the parameters on the device screen as well as online live in graphical trends as well as in numerical form on your android mobile phone using our OxyData App (available on Google Play store).

Using OxyData App, you can also set alarms for different parameters. and can generate the report, which can be shared or printed for the record purpose. 

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