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Medical Gas Pipeline

OxyData - P | OxyData - G Oxygen Analyzer

OxyData Applications:

OxyData for Medical Gas Pipeline Testing can be used for Medical Oxygen pipelines to monitor Oxygen Purity, Pressure, Flow rate & Temperature of the Oxygen being carried by the Oxygen pipeline.
OxyData for Medical Gas Pipeline Testing

OxyData-P: Panel mounted models to Continuously monitor Oxygen Pipe Line output parameters

OxyData-G: Hand held (pocket size) models to Spot-check Oxygen Pipe Line output parameters

Who can use OxyData - P & OxyData - G?

OxyData for Medical Oxygen Pipeline can be used by:
– Medical Oxygen Pipeline developers, manufacturers, installers, service providers / repairers 
– Hospitals, at specific critical locations of the Oxygen Pipelines.

Why OxyData?

Medical Oxygen Pipelines are used by Hospitals to continuously provide oxygen with high capacity in terms of higher flow rate and sufficient pressure to run the medical devices and to provide the oxygen directly to the patients.    
Continuous Monitoring of critical parameters of Oxygen carried by Oxygen Pipelines like Oxygen Purity, Pressure and Flow Rate, the temperature is vital as it has to maintain around 90% or higher purity, typically 60 PSI pressure (some times even up to 90 PSI), and flow rate as per the local requirement.
Continuous Monitoring and Alarms are also important, as a change in purity requires some immediate action or leak in the pipeline will change the pressure (we all are aware of the recent incidences of oxygen leakage and its dangerous firing effects) 
or change in Flow rate indicate either a leak or some chock up in the pipeline.
So, monitoring as well as alarms for any of such unwanted situations, is required and is fulfilled by OxyData.

When is OxyData - P & G used?

To monitor all these Oxygen Pipe Line output parameters is vital during installation, regular preventive maintenance and during service or replacement of parts of the oxygen generator plants as well as medical gas pipelines.

How to use OxyData for Medical Gas Pipeline?

OxyData series has three different Panel mounted models to Continuously monitor Oxygen Pipe Line output parameters:
OxyData-P: Can measure online (inline) Oxygen Purity & Temperature.
OxyData-PP: Can measure online (inline) Oxygen Purity, Pressure & Temperature.
OxyData-PPF: Can measure online (inline) Oxygen Purity, Pressure, Flow rate & Temperature.
OxyData series also has two different handhelds (pocket size) models to Spot-check Oxygen Pipe Line output parameters:
OxyData-G: Can measure online (inline) Oxygen Purity & Temperature.
OxyData-GP: Can measure online (inline) Oxygen Purity, Pressure & Temperature.
OxyData-G - Medical Oxygen Generator Plant
All above OxyData devices can measure the Oxygen Purity and Pressure using side stream sampling technology and they do not require any external pressure reducing mechanism on Pressurised pipeline to connect OxyData.
All OxyData devices are using Electronic Sensors for oxygen Purity (compared to other oxygen analyzers using electrochemical sensors which require frequent re-calibration and regular replacement) as well as for Flow, Pressure, and temperature. These sensors have a typical life of more than 5 years.
All OxyData devices are Bluetooth enabled, so you can monitor the parameters on the device screen as well as online live in graphical trends as well as in numerical form on your android mobile phone using our OxyData App (available on Google Play store). 
Using OxyData App, you can also set alarms for different parameters. and can generate the report, which can be shared or printed for record purpose. 

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