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OxyData for Anesthesia Trolley and Ventilator (FiO2) monitoring

OxyData - AV Oxygen Analyzer

OxyData Applications:

OxyData can be used with Ventilator for Oxygen Purity ( FiO2 ) monitoring.
OxyData for Anaesthesia Trolley or Ventilator (FIO2)

OxyData-AV: Can measure Oxygen Purity & Temperature

Who can use OxyData - AV?

OxyData for Ventilator Oxygen Purity monitoring can be used by

  • Hospital, ICU
  • Ventilator service providers

Why OxyData?

Ventilators (invasive and non-invasive) provide oxygen therapy to critical patients and the oxygen concentration (FiO2) levels are variable and set by the doctor as per the patient’s situation & current FiO2 level monitoring.

OxyData can monitor the Oxygen Purity level in the ventilator circuit (tubing) without affecting the ventilator operation.

Another advantage with OxyData is its wireless connectivity, so even if the OxyData device is kept at the ventilator end, we can still monitor the oxygen (FiO2) level wirelessly using Bluetooth in an android mobile phone from a distance.

How to use OxyData for Anesthesia Trolley and Ventilator (FiO2) monitoring?

OxyData series has a handheld (pocket size) model for Oxygen Hood Oxygen & Temperature monitoring:
OxyData-A: Can measure Oxygen Purity & Temperature.
All OxyData devices are using Electronic Sensors for oxygen Purity (compared to other oxygen analyzers using electrochemical sensors which require frequent re-calibration and regular replacement) as well as for temperature. These sensors have a typical life of more than 5 years.
All OxyData devices are Bluetooth enabled, so you can monitor the parameters on the device screen as well as online live in graphical trends as well as in numerical form on your android mobile phone using our OxyData App (available on Google Play store).
Using OxyData App, you can also set alarms for different parameters. and can generate the report, which can be shared or printed for record purpose.

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