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Why Is The OxyData By Wave Visions Favorite Choice For Oxygen Concentrator Testing In 2021?

Why Is The OxyData - Oxygen Concentrator Analyzer Favorite Choice For Oxygen Concentrator Analysis

OxyData – Oxygen Concentrator Analyser

Oxygen Concentrators or Oxygen Generators are playing a very crucial role in current COVID-19 situations – as Oxygen is the key to manage the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Supply of the Oxygen generated from such devices will have many physical parameters which are vital to be measured, monitored and recorded to ensure proper Oxygen delivery to the patient or other medical devices. These parameters are Oxygen Purity, flow rate, Pressure and Temperature.

OxyData Advantages:

  • OxyData – Advanced Oxygen Analyzer is a medical device gas tester which check all these parameters, monitor along with alarms – if any parameter is beyond the range set by the user, and record these parameters online in your android mobile through our OxyData app if connected through Bluetooth with our OxyData device.
  • OxyData is an advanced Oxygen analyser with a long life of sensors, compact handheld device running on rechargeable batteries and can be charged with regular android charger.

Oxygen Purity in Oxygen Concentrator:

  • Oxygen Purity is one of the most important parameters to check the performance of your O2 concentrator, you can check the purity of the O2 concentrator with our long-life Oxygen sensor (Typical life of > 5 years) of OxyData.
  • OxyData does not use an electrochemical sensor. (as electrochemical sensor material is deteriorated/consumed over time – typically every 1-2 years, and you need to replace the sensor).
  • Also, OxyData oxygen sensor does not require calibration, (ElectroChemical sensors require frequent calibration).
  • As OxyData oxygen sensor does not require frequent replacement, it is embedded inside the OxyData device, so there are fewer chances of oxygen sensor cable breakage, connector/connection problems, etc. (which is common in electrochemical sensors).

However, besides Oxygen Purity there can be many other potential problems present in O2 Concentrators, which can be diagnosed / detected by our OxyData, keep reading to find out how:

To check Flow + Pressure from our OxyData Oxygen Analyser, you will be able to track the health of the compressor, and can decide when to repair/replace the compressor or compressor related replaceable / serviceable parts.

To check Purity + Flow from our OxyData Oxygen Analyser, you will be able to track the health of the sieve material, so that you know, when to replace the sieve material.

To check the online Graph of Purity + Flow + Pressure from OxyData App in your mobile, you will be able to pinpoint the fluctuating output timing and can detect which one out of the two sieve beds pair is creating the problem. Alternately if any of the solenoid valves is damaged, then also the output will be fluctuating, which can also be detected by observing the timing in graphs on the OxyData App on your mobile.

Check Pressure from our OxyData Oxygen Analyser, you will be able to check the drop in your pressure outlet.

Check Pressure from our OxyData Oxygen Analyser.

To check the temperature of the outlet oxygen from our OxyData Oxygen Analyser.

Use our OxyData App from your android mobile, save the graph and take the printout of the saved graph from your Mobile. You can also save the multiple recordings of different oxygen concentrators for future use - either for analyzing the same parameters trend or for sharing these recordings with others from your mobile.

Here is an awesome video on how to use the OxyData with Oxygen Concentrator to measure Oxygen Purity, Flow, Pressure, & Temperature.

So, to all the Oxygen Concentrator dealer, manufacturer, repairers, and O2 concentrator bulk buyers, What are you waiting for? Book your OxyData today and increase you concentrator sales. Still not sure if you want to buy OxyData? Then check out these 20 reasons to buy OxyData as compared to the other O2 analyzers.