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11 things to look while choosing oxygen analyzer for oxygen concentrator

5 Things To Look While Choosing Oxygen Analyzer For Oxygen Concentrator

Which Oxygen Analyzer For Oxygen Concentrator is right for you?

Are you already using the oxygen analyzer for oxygen concentrator which measures the oxygen purity or measure temperature or looking to buy a new one or looking for a change? Then read this article first.

11 things to check in any Oxygen analyzer for oxygen concentrator:

  1. Does this oxygen analyzer measure the 4 parameters – Oxygen purity, flow, pressure, & temperature?
  2. Does this oxygen analyzer have a long-life sensor so that you do not have to change it frequently?
  3. Which sensor does it have – Electrochemical or Electronic sensor, because the electronic sensor has a long life compared to electrochemical?
  4. What is the sensor location – Outside the main unit or inside, because if the sensor is inside we do not need to take extra care?
  5. Can we set alarms for each parameter separately?
  6. Does this o2 analyzer show any battery indication – if the battery is low or needs to replace?
  7. Does this analyzer have a rechargeable battery?
  8. Does this analyzer show or store any graphical representation of all these parameters?
  9. Is it cost-effective, because if it measures only 1 or 2 parameters, then it might cost relatively higher to measure all the 4 parameters (we need to buy 4 different devices)?
  10. How many years of warranty come with this analyzer?
  11. Is the manufacturer of oxygen analyzer from the medical background? 

What is Oxygen Analyzer?

Oxygen Analyzer or oxygen monitor is a device that is used to measure oxygen purity, flow, pressure, & temperature. It is used in Medical & Industries. Oxygen Analyzer measures the oxygen purity from 21-95%, the flow rate from 0-10 LPM, the pressure of 0-20 PSI & the temperature of 0-50 degrees released from the oxygen concentrator.

What are the types of Oxygen Analyzer for oxygen concentrators?

There are 3 main types of oxygen analyzer for oxygen concentrator:

  1. OxyData – Advanced Oxygen Analyzer for Oxygen Concentrator
  2. Spot Check Oxygen Analyzers for oxygen gas analysis
  3. Electrochemical Sensor based Oxygen Analyzers

5 Things To Look While Choosing Oxygen Analyzer For Oxygen Concentrator

OxyData – Oxygen Analyzer for oxygen concentrator from Wave Visions

Wave Visions, a medical equipment manufacturer since 1998 and a National Innovation Award winner by Govt. of India is offering an advanced medical oxygen analyzer that measures the oxygen purity, flow, pressure, & temperature of the oxygen concentrator in a single handheld portable device called OxyData. As it measures all 4 parameters, you don’t have to purchase 4 different devices.

OxyData has an electronic sensor that has a typical life of more than 5 years so that you do not need to replace it frequently and the sensor is placed inside the unit, so you don’t have to take extra care. OxyData has a color OLED display and a rechargeable battery that can be charged with a simple android charger. We have also developed an Android App for OxyData which can be connected via Bluetooth to OxyData and all the readings can be seen in a graphical representation and also one can save the readings in their mobile storage. Do you know the 20 reasons to buy OxyData? Check out here.

So basically, all the things to watch out for while choosing an oxygen analyzer for oxygen concentration are present in OxyData by Wave Visions. So, what are you waiting for? Inquire about OxyData now because it’s the best choice for oxygen concentrator testing in 2021!

Working of OxyData - Oxygen Analyzer for oxygen concentrators?