20 Reasons to choose OxyData – Advanced Oxygen Analyser

20 Reasons To Choose OxyData – Advanced Oxygen Analyser Article 1
Due to the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic & increasing use of oxygen supply in every hospital, clinics, home-care, etc, using oxygen analyser has become very crucial which can measure the purity of oxygen supplied to the patients, it’s flow, pressure, & oxygen temperature.
In the current market, we can get a medical oxygen analyser which can measure only 1 parameter (either purity, flow, pressure, & temperature) at a time whereas OxyData – Oxygen Concentrator Analyser by Wave Visions can measure all the 4 parameters at the same time.


What is an Oxygen Analyser?

Every place where oxygen concentrator is used like in hospitals, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Home Care, Hospital Gas Delivery, etc. oxygen analyser is needed to check oxygen concentrations to stop the accidents & to save lives. Oxygen analyzer is a portable medical device which is attached to the oxygen source (concentrator) to trace oxygen and measure various parameters like purity, pressure, flow, & temperature. So, OxyData plays a vital role in the measurements of oxygen.
20 Reasons To Choose OxyData – Advanced Oxygen Analyser Article 1
Below are some details of different oxygen analyzers including OxyData & it’s features:

Check out this YouTube Video to check out the working and the features of OxyData – An Advanced Medical Oxygen Analyzer.

Conclusion: When it comes to save the lives, we should not ignore any parameter. From the above features, it is a clear choice to use OxyData by Wave Visions which measures all the four parameters & also has a lot more features in a single handheld unit.

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